Wisdom Institute for International Studies will be launching its first ever ACCA Skills Level Rapid Revision programme for students planning to repeat exams or looking to revise their knowledge just before exams. This first rapid revision programme will target the June 2021 Skills level exams. The programme will be held online through the fully-fledged learning management system, WisdomLMS.

Students will be guided by an experienced and qualified lecture panel through the 4-week duration of the course. The programme is developed in such a way that students are able to learn and revise more efficiently and cover the right elements. Explanations of key theory areas will be provided through videos for students to refer anytime they want. By breaking down each subject syllabus into structured portions, the programme makes revision more manageable and provides a timeline guiding and motivating the  students. The revision session will have question practice in class, multiple mock exams with feedback and at least one mock being discussed in class. The mock exams which will be up to the ACCA exam standards will and provide the students with an easy benchmark to measure their progress.

Wisdom plans to offer these rapid revision sessions for each Skills level exam window. Students joining the Skills level full sessions will have the revision session included whilst external students can join the Rapid Revision programme separately.

The programme will commence on 8th May 2021 and will have attractive bundle offers for students looking to revise multiple subjects for June 2021 exams.

Interested students can receive more information through +94771062892 or [email protected].

Join through https://register.wisdombusiness.com/