Yet another 1st in the World for MCS by Wisdom & secured all 3 Sri Lanka prize for the

second consecutive time within the year 2021..!!



For the second consecutive time in 2021, Wisdom Business Academy yet again proved its capability to deliver exceptional results and acclaimed its pride as the “Specialist in CIMA Education” by snatching global 1st for MCS & all 3 Sri Lanka prizes for the CIMA case study May 2021 examinations.

With this accomplishment, Wisdom has claimed 84 CIMA case study prizes out of a total of 107 from the introduction of the CIMA case study exams since 2015.

Under the direction of Mr. Akila Gunarathna, lead lecturer for OCS and SCS, Miss. Naadiya Khulusie, obtained the Sri Lanka prize for Operational Case Study May 2021 examination while she became global 10th. She is a brilliant student, who became the Island 3rd in Commerce Stream at the A/L examinations which was held last year. Further, Mr. Awaad Zafir Millfer won the Sri Lanka prize for the Strategic Case Study May 2021 examination with a score of 103 marks. Both these prize winners add on to the superlative prize winner stamp of more than 25 prizes under the guidance of Case Study Maestro, Mr. Gunarathna who is well known within the CIMA circles for his perfect coaching and extensive individual guidance and support to his students.

Ashane Yehara Perera secured Global 1st the Management Case Study where he was coached by the guidance of Mr. Hashan Madushanka, MCS Lead lecturer and Mr. Dulinda Perera, MCS Lecturer. This young and dynamic duo has earned a great respect from students, specially for the excellent guidance and super high pass rates they have been able to produce. By far these lecturers are the best in Sri Lanka and South Asia for CIMA MCS coaching.

Wisdom Business Academy, trusted by over 80% of the CIMA students in Sri Lanka, and many international students in South Asia, East Asian continents as well as in South Africa and Europe. With its comprehensive learning portal, “WisdomLMS”, Wisdom has overseen to remain on best of quality course conveyance and student support even throughout the dreadful pandemic times. In addition to features such as in-depth industry and pre-seen analysis, game planners and point developers, CIMA case study students studying with Wisdom can expect comprehensive mock exam practice option with its exam engine while receiving personalized feedback in one-to-one sessions with the lead lecturers. These highlights have truly helped the CIMA case study students to perform with flying colours.

The Group General Manager, Mr. Chinthaka Wijayaratne said: “the news is fulfilling, and we are thrilled to hear that Wisdom yet again produced Global 1st for case studies. Our students have performed magnificently at this case study session as well, amidst all the difficulties faced due to the pandemic. The credit goes to our wonderful students and the devoted lecturers. I am exceptionally satisfied at the level of commitment shown by the team of lecturers as well as the Wisdom academic administration staff in guiding and supporting the students throughout their learning experience with us. Wisdom always prides itself with quality delivery and student satisfaction, and we have proven the same once again.”