About CIMA Management Level

This is the second level of the CIMA Professional Qualification and comprises of three computer-based Objective Tests and one Case Study exam. The Management level translates the strategy decided on at higher levels and communicates it to lower levels for implementation. It monitors and reports on the implementation of the strategy, and ensures corrective action is taken when required. It has a medium-term focus.


The three OTQ subjects at CIMA Management Level can be sat in any order and in any combination. Once the Objective Test Exams are completed, candidates can sit for their final examination at this level, CIMA Management Level Case Study, which is a three-hour online exam. Management Level Subjects Are:

E2 Managing Performance
P2 Advanced Management Accounting
F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

Management Case Study Exam (MCS)

Wisdom Course Fee

CIMA Management Level @ WISDOM

CIMA Management Level is examined by three computer-based assessments which are called Objective Tests and Management Case Study exam. Since the introduction of the case study into the syllabus since 2015, the Management Level lecture panel at Wisdom has become the number one in the country thanks to the superior teaching quality they have maintained throughout. This is evident through higher pass rates exceeding Sri Lanka averages for E2, P2, F2 and Management Case Study Exam. Wisdom has produced 13 Sri Lanka prizes for Management Case Study and 9 prizes for CIMA Gateway Exam.

Why Choose Wisdom for CIMA Management Level

  • Highest pass rates in the country for CIMA Management level OTQ and case study exams
  • The most experienced panel of lecturers in the country for CIMA Management level
  • The highest number of students passing their OTQ and case study exam on the first attempt
  • Produced 13 Management Case Study prizes and 9 CIMA Gateway prizes in the country

Wisdom Course Fee

OTQ 1 subject Rs 27,370/-

OTQ 2 subjects Rs 37,415/-

OTQ 3 subjects Rs 50,020/-

Management Case Study (MCS) Rs 25,630/-


International Course Fees:

OTQ 1 subject USD 200

OTQ 2 subjects USD 370

OTQ 3 subjects USD 500

Management Case Study (MCS) USD 200


*KAPLAN-CIMA official study material available on demand

CIMA Management Level UK Exam Fee

Management Level Objective Tests (Per Subject)  GBP 143

Management Level Case Study                                  GBP  232

Management Level Intakes

There are two OTQ intakes per year for CIMA Management level @ Wisdom in June and December. Case Study intakes will be in January, April, July and October Every Year