CIMA Certificate Level

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting is your first step towards becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). It’s open for students after O/Ls and A/Ls. CIMA Cert BA will equip the future CGMAs with a solid understanding of accounting, management and business principles to kick-start a career in the world of business and finance.


The four subjects in the certificate level can be sat in any order and in any combination. The certificate level subjects are:

AWARD: CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

CIMA Certificate Level @ WISDOM

Our reputation as one of the country’s foremost business schools has been built upon many reasons. Among them is our experienced panel of lecturers who have continued to guide thousands of school leavers on their transition from their O/L and A/L education to successful CIMA professionals. Students from all backgrounds join wisdom for CIMA due to its global appeal and our expertise in the delivery of the qualification which is evident in the excellent pass rates we have maintained for CIMA certificate level (CIMA Cert BA).

Why Choose Wisdom

  • Highest pass rates for CIMA Certificate Level in the country
  • Study under the guidance of Best Lecture Panel in the country
  • With Each Registration, CIMA Official Study Materials From KAPLAN-UK Provided Free Of Charge
  • Great learning environment with state of the art facilities
  • Extracurricular activities to grow as a true all-rounder
  • Opportunity to meet new people and network with the best in the industry

Wisdom Course Fee

1 Subject                 Rs 15,180/-   +NBT

2 Subjects              Rs 26,360/- +NBT

3 Subjects              Rs 37,540/- +NBT

4 Subjects              Rs 48,720/- +NBT


*with each registration students will be provided with KAPLAN-CIMA official study material worth GBP 220

CIMA-UK Registration and Exam Fees

CIMA-UK registration (one-off payment)                                    GBP 77
Certificate in Business Accounting (per subject)                     GBP 70

*the first step would be to register @ Wisdom to follow CIMA Certificate level by paying the Wisdom course fee. Students will be guided and supported by the management of Wisdom on the CIMA-UK registration process which will be informed ahead.

Certificate Level Intakes

There are three Certificate level intakes per year @ Wisdom in September, January and March.