Overview of the degree

The BSc in Accounting degree programme offered by Robert Gordon University provides CIMA students with the opportunity to leverage their professional qualification to obtain an academic degree. With exemptions for the first two years of the degree, this unique top-up option allows CIMA students to join the final year of BSc Accounting programme exclusively through Wisdom Business Academy, with the support and guidance of both Wisdom and RGU staff.


This full-time internal degree is delivered by the qualified and experienced Wisdom lecture panel approved by the university. Class times are scheduled on weekday evenings to enable the students to maintain balance between work, study and life. Wisdom’s myriad credentials and strengths have resulted in producing students who are successful on both academic and professional front, having completed both the CIMA qualification and BSc of Accounting from the Robert Gordon University under the same roof.

Concept modules

The aforementioned modules are ‘Assessment Led’ and are based on theories that all CIMA students are familiar with. Each assignment would typically be an essay or a report of 4000 to 5000 words.

Students require 6 months of work experience in a field relevant to Management Accounting to obtain the Practical Management Accounting module. The assignment involves writing a reflective essay while a CV and proof of work experience will be required to accompany it.

Taught modules

The above modules are more traditional in nature, focusing on academic content for each module. Both modules will be assessed via assignments.

Find out more about this degree directly from RGU.

Direct entry with CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management (Management Level)

Entry offered to students who have completed the following:

  • 1 OTQ exam at CIMA Operational Level

*The degree will be awarded upon completion of the CIMA Advanced Diploma and all final year degree modules.


Registration Fee: Rs 50,000/-


Course Fee:

Option 1: Rs 350,000/-

Option 2: Rs 125,000/- + Rs 25,500/- X 10 instalments

Student loan schemes encompassing monthly payments as low as Rs 7530/- per month are offered with HNB and LOLC Al-Falaah

Graduates who complete the programme are armed with both a reputed academic qualification and professional qualification and the skills and knowledge necessary to be a worthy contender in the ever-evolving business landscape. Wisdom Business Academy has joined hands with industry leaders to provide internship opportunities for BSc Accounting and CIMA students, helping them gain invaluable work experience. To fulfill the work experience requirement for the module Practical Management Accounting, students can apply for an internship through Wisdom Business Academy on registration for the BSc Accounting degree. This is convenient as they can ensure balance in their personal life and career, alongside their studies.

The duration of the top-up programme is one year.

The academic year consists of two semesters; September – January and January – June

Students are allowed to be registered for the programme for a maximum duration of 2 years